{{"ANALYTICS" | translate}} {{'AND'| translate}} {{'BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE' | translate}}

{{'Our merchants love us because we connect them with the right customers and grow their loyal customer base.'| translate}}

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{{'Analyze your customer data' | translate}}

{{'Listen to your customer feedback' | translate}}

{{'COLLECT FEEDBACK FROM YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS and reach them in a smart way.' | translate}}

{{'Take advantage of the shopx features and listen to what your loyal customers have to say about your brand.' | translate}}

{{'HOW IT WORKS?' | translate}}

{{'A waiter will ask for customer’s phone number or ShopX ID' | translate}}

{{'An account is instantly created and a user receives SMS notification' | translate}}

{{'A customer can check progress with a game-like hooking experience' | translate}}

{{'Get Started The ShopX Application And Enjoy Amazing Results' | translate}}


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